Daniele De Rossi With the Pathetic Dive of the Season

It was bad enough that AS Roma missed an opportunity to come a little bit closer to Champions League qualification by losing at home 1-0 to Chievo, but they had their vice captain and one of the team’s biggest stars pull off the most embarassing attempt at a dive we’ve seen this season, unable to fool the referee into thinking Dario Dainelli did anything to him.

The two players were arguing as the referee turned away to handle a corner about to be taken. De Rossi quickly took advantage of the “argument” to make it look like he was hit or something of the sorts, but Dainelli wasn’t doing anything but walking away. De Rossi tried to push off him and send himself to the ground, but instead just made a fool of himself. For some reason he wasn’t booked as well.

With the loss, Roma remain fifth but a match more than all of the teams around them, meaning they might lose the fifth spot to Udinese, while the prospect of catching up with Fiorentina or AC Milan at 4th and 3rd seems quite close to impossible as the season’s end, only two weeks away, draws nearer and nearer.

Chievo, a mid-table team, climbed to 12th with the win thanks to a goal by Cyril Thereau in the 90th minute.

Daniele De Rossi