David Beckham Still Hot on the Market

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David Beckahm, at 36, is still drawing plenty of attention in the old continent while he nears the end of his lucrative Los Angeles Galaxy contract. The interest in Beckham has been pretty strong this summer in London, with both Tottenham and QPR approaching the player. Now, France may also be an option, as Paris Saint Germain hope to sign the player.

Beckham is probably enjoying his best season in the United States, with his Galaxy leading the league and already qualifying for the conference Semi Final. He’s also second on the assist charts with 12. His final year for LA, making 6.5 million dollars a year, might finally end with a title. Just like his final year with Real Madrid.

While Beckahm hasn’t propelled American soccer into a new stratosphere, he has helped draw more interest to the league. That, along with new teams in cities with an actual soccer following (specifically the Northwest) and creation of fiery rivalries, it seems the MLS is in a better place now than it was four years ago. Is it because of Beckham? He has a part in it I’m sure. Rule changes regarding the signing restrictions also helped.

By I digress. Beckham, since arriving in Los Angeles, has been eyeing a permanent return to Europe. He trained with Arsenal and with Tottenham (leading to the signing rumors). He spent two loan spells with AC Milan, earning a lot of fans in Italy for his work ethic off and on the pitch. It also lead to one of the most bizarre incidents I’ve ever seen. A prank of touching his “stuff”. Weird.

And while England may be calling, France’s capital and it’s Qatari money are in the chase as well. Beckahm’s season will be over in November, and the former England international will be free for signing in January. PSG’s sporting director, former AC Milan head coach Leonardo, hopes that their time together in Milan might help in signing a player who’s worth much more than just what he brings to the pitch.

He is more than a football player – he’s a brand, a pop star. I would always consider him. He respects the rules, listens to you and wants the best for the team. That’s why for me he is a big example. I worked with him and that’s why I talk about his name. He is someone that I really appreciate and admire so much – his values and everything he has done in football. 

His wife, Posh spice, will probably have quite a say in this. After tours in Milan, Madrid and Hollywood, the allure of Paris might be a nice new spot to spend some husband cash.