2010 World Cup Diary – Day 5

Goals – Still not coming. We didn’t expect too much from Slovakia and New Zealand, but that game actually produced the first closing minutes drama of the tournament. Portugal – Ivory Coast produced the biggest disappointment of the tournament – A game you’d expect to give us at least three goals, gives us a total of three shots on goal. Brazil North Korea? The first game in this World Cup with more than two goals, but as a few websites wrote – “It was far from vintage display”. Don’t expect vintage from Brazil, but still, a 2-1 win for them means more pressure on Dunga.

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New Zealand – Slovakia : 1 – 1 (Robert Vittek, 50th minute – Winston Reid, 90+)



On to Group G, the group of death, and the first match, showcasing Drogba and Cristiano Ronaldo, but not a whole lot of attacking football.

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And Group G’s closer – Brazil dominating North Korea in not so fashionable style, even having to withstand a small scare in the end, winning with a not too impressive 2-1.

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Brazil – North Korea : 2-1 (Maicon 55th, Elano 72nd – Ji Yun-Nam 89th)




Group Tables

Group F

1. Italy, 1 point (1-1)
2. New Zealand, 1 point (1-1)
3. Paraguay, 1 point (1-1)
4. Slovakia, 1 point (1-1)

Group G

1. Brazil, 3 points (2-1)
2. Ivory Coast, 1 point (0-0)
3. Portugal, 1 point (0-0)
4. North Korea, 0 points (1-2)

Top Scorers

22 Player with one goal, 1 own goal.

Picture of the Day – The North Korean Ballet

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Fans of the Day – Two Brazilian Blonds, Easiest Pick Ever

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Honduras – Chile
Spain – Switzerland
South Africa – Uruguay

*Goal Count – 23 Goals in 14 matches, 1.64. Five in three matches didn’t really helps us. We’re not asking for ten anymore – Six would be a huge improvement.

Another day that causes huge ambivalence – enjoying life with a World Cup in it, with three matches a day, but still not satisfied with the level of play and the amount of goals. All the goals from today’s matches, plus the usual – Best Fans and best picture, tables and top scorers.