Delonte West Giving Gordon Hayward a Wet Willie

Delonte West isn’t one of the more stable and trustworthy players in the NBA. He has his uses, but he simply isn’t a dependable guy. Never has been for the Celtics, Cavs, Sonics and this season the Mavs. He came up with a new way to draw negative attention to him for un-related to basketball reasons – Giving the Jazz’ Gordon Hayward a “Wet Willie.”

For those of you who don’t know what a WW is, here’s the definition – Gettin’ a freshly licked and slobbered finger thrust in one’s ear, usually the pinky. Thank you SlangDictionary. Well, West, who’s usually more renowned for his off-court antics, mostly his arrest in 2009 for traffic violation which revealed he was carrying two pistols and a shotgun in a guitar case, decided he wants another “low” moment to his career highlights films.

So West was called for a foul on Hayward during the Utah Jazz – Dallas Mavericks game. The Jazz won the game 123-121 after three overtimes but that’s kind of besides the point. West himself had 16 points, while Hayward finished with 24. But that’s is besides the point as well.

So West, being the classy guy he is, wasn’t very happy with the foul call, or in general with Hayward’s presence near him. So what does a classy guy like West go ahead an do? Poke Hayward in the ear. I don’t know if he wet his finger prior to his actions. The referees didn’t really seem to notice, but I’m guessing West will get his, probably, if the video is reviewed by the NBA’s disciplinary board.

I’m not a brilliant lip reader, but “Bitch Ass White Boy” seems to be somewhere there after Hayward gets poked. This could have been taken a bit lightly if they were friends, teammates, or we’d have seen a different reaction from both players. But because Hayward clearly didn’t like this and West had no intention of being nice when he did it, that just adds up to the Delonte West classiest moves hall of fame.