Vitali Klitschko Too Much For Disrespectful Dereck Chisora

Vitali Klitschko didn’t really bring on the pain on Dereck Chisora, who decided to piss off the WBC Heavyweight champion by spitting water in his face just before the fight. Still, despite no one getting knocked out, there was no doubt the 40 year old Ukranian was the better fighter within the 12 rounds, retaining his championship belt for the 8th consecutive time, in what may be one of his final fights.

Dereck Chisora came in with the right tactics and gameplan, which seemed to surprise Vitali more than once. Problem is, he doesn’t have the skill set to actually come through with a knockout. Beating a Klitschko on points? Seems impossible, especially in Germany. He did avoid the jabs for most of the fight, but got hit with crosses and just didn’t do enough damage that gets recognized with points, focusing on the body most of the fight.

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The judges scored it 118-110, 118-110, 119-111, which seems pretty decent. This was nothing like David Haye’s pathetic performance against Wladimir Klitschko, as Chisora kept going forward and looked to be aggressive, but as his corner kept telling him, he didn’t let his hands get loose. A hook here and there that actually connected, throwing Vitali off balance at one point, more for the surprise of the shot than the actual power.

Chisora kept his big mouth running through the fight with the judge, and after the decision with both of the K brothers. Maybe hoping to get a rematch (very unlikely), maybe just looking for some satisfaction. He tried to turn the fight into a brawl, but not he, or anyone else in the Heavyweight division for what seems like forever, or since Lennox Lewis retired, has what it takes to phase out the Klitschko brothers.

Vitali might be looking to fight David Haye next, if he hasn’t grown tired of big talking Brits. He wasn’t impressive, and won by a decision for only the fourth time in his career, with 40 of his wins coming via knockout. His two career losses also came through TKO rulings, while never, ever, getting knocked down in one of his 46 proffesional fights.

But the body, and mostly the legs, are growing old. Past 40, I’m not sure how much Vitali has left. In terms of achieving, or finding a challenge and someone intriguing to fight, the entire field looks empty. Fighters like Chisora get a nice payday and a pat on the back for actually surviving the entire 12 rounds and going the distance.