Who Said Deron Williams Isn’t Motivated Playing for the Nets?

Deron Williams isn’t exactly in the situation he wished to be. Playing for a team with no playoff prospects and an owner who’s more busy with Russian politics. Williams is still putting up impressive numbers, but nothing came close to his explosion against the Charlotte Bobcats, scoring a franchise record 57 points as the New Jersey Nets won 104-101.

The best way to highlight D-Will’s achievement is to compare his numbers with the rest of his teammates. Williams finished with 57 points, while the rest of the team added another 47. He shot 16-29 from the field, while the rest of the team shot 17-39. Williams was 4-11 from downtown. The rest of the guys? 1-6. His FG percentage? 55.2%. The other Nets? 43.6%. He was a perfect 21-21 from the line, while the rest of the guys finished with 12-23.

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Williams even managed to dish 7 assists, meaning he was involved with at least 71 of his teams 104 points. The Bobcats did score 100 points for the first time in 22 games, but when Williams single-handedly beats them, that little fact gets forgotten.

The Bobcats are the worst team in the NBA right now. Maybe in the history of the league, with time running out for them to actually do something about it and becoming a negative statistical legend. Corey Maggette finished with 24 points, but there’s no defense, no system. Nothing. No hope as well? Depends who you ask, but that seems like another thing the Bobcats lack.

Deron Williams – I’m used to getting double-teamed on those. It’s kind of refreshing not to be. The Bobcats chose not to double team Williams on Pick n’ Rolls, and paid dearly for that. You really don’t pay attention to it. It’s just one of those games where you start feeling good and let it go.

Paul Silas, Bobcats head coach – You can do one of two things: you can try to stop him and double him and leave other players wide open or guard everybody. I thought that’s mainly what kept us in the game. Nobody else was doing anything. It gave us a chance.

Williams’ 57 isn’t the first time he’s gone for 50 this season. Earlier in the year, before the lockout was over, Williams scored 50 points for Besiktas in Turkey. His scoring output against the Bobcats is the best of the season in the league, with Kevin Durant’s 51 from last month coming in at second. With 22.6 points per game and 8.2 assists, Williams is sixth in the NBA in both categories.