Detroit Lions – Losers Complain About Officials; Winners Advance in the Playoffs

Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions won’t let go of the pass interference call and also a holding against Ndamukong Suh, blaming the officials for their playoff loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Reality is completely different from their delusions, focusing on the wrong thing.

The Dallas Cowboys were on the wrong end of calls or non-calls all through the first half and also the third quarter. They picked themselves up and managed to climb out of the 14-0 hole. They held the Lions to only 3 points in the entire second half. Tony Romo didn’t turn the ball over once, while Stafford lost it three times. The Cowboys were better, and won because of that. But the Lions keep making it about the officials having preferences. There were plenty of times when the same officials were helping them out, including on their two touchdown drives.

First Lions Possession – Dominic Riaola holds on to Rolando McClain just before the Cowboys linebacker sacks Matthew Stafford. No call, and Stafford completes a pass to Golden Tate for the touchdown.

Second Lions Possession – Filled with mistakes by the officials. On a third-and-8, the left guard of the Lions can’t keep up with Tyrone Crawford, so he holds on to him. No call. Later on in the drive, with the Lions on the Cowboys’ 18, Stafford throws the ball away, but would have been sacked had Anthony Spencer not have been held and the official would have got it right. When Reggie Bush goes for the touchdown, there isn’t one hold. Not two. There are three separate holds by the offense on the plays, not getting called.

Cowboys Punt – Although nothing serious happened, it was quite clear the Lions’ George Winn was making late contact with the punter way after he punted the ball. Once again, no penalty call. There was also a hands to the face call missed by the officials, although that was against the Cowboys.

Lions’ 4th possession – It would have been silly for the officials to make a call here, but for those whining about Dez Bryant going onto the field without a helmet, the Lions’ player isn’t supposed to touch the punt returner.

Cowboys offensive pass interference – Not in a million years, but Williams trying to make it seem like he got hit turned things against him. Cowboys got screwed on this play.

Lions’ 5th possession – Not all the holds actually prevent a sack, but there’s no doubt that Garrett Reynolds is holding Terrell McClain on this play and getting away with it.

Cowboys 7th possession – A Lions defender pushes Dez Bryant onto another defender which makes him trip. Should be pass interference, but once again, no call.

The whole point behind this list, which just the first half calls going against the Cowboys and ignored by the officials? Mistakes were made all throughout this game. The Lions and their fans focusing on that pass interference that was reversed and now also a hold on Suh when the Cowboys converted a fourth down is missing the point.

They had plenty of opportunities to win the game. The Cowboys took care of business and are now going to play in wonderful winter weather in Green Bay. The Lions got outplayed and outcoached. They got bad calls hurting them, but so did the Cowboys. The Cowboys bounced back from them. The Lions, instead of figuring out what went wrong, are still trying to make it about the officials and Jerry Jones instead of on the real culprits, themselves.

Credit: flamingbigtex of Reddit