Detroit Lions Send Fans Playoff Tickets

Calvin Johnson

It’s bad enough that the Detroit Lions have suffered through an awful collapse in the final six weeks of the season, they unintentionally pour some salt on their fan’s wounds by sending via mail playoff tickets to those who have ordered them, even though the team has no chance of making the postseason.

After a 6-3 start to the season, the Lions have lost five of their last six games. From leading the NFC North, they’ve fallen into third, which means they can’t make the playoffs for a second consecutive year, while both the Bears and Packers will play in the final week for the right to take the top spot in the division and a postseason berth.

Besides now having quite the discussion about whether or not Jim Schwartz should be fired or not, the Lions also had to explain to some fans why they sent them their already paid for playoff tickets, which almost seems like a taunt at them, if it wasn’t also making fun of the Lions organization.

The Lions sold playoff tickets in standard two-game blocks as teams can host a maximum of two games in the postseason. Teams chasing a playoff spot usually begin the sale before the season actually ends, like in this case. The Lions have already said they’ll credit the money paid for the playoff tickets¬†toward 2014 season-ticket renewals. After the debacle of the second half of this season, I’m not sure if everyone will be so enthusiastic about renewing their season tickets.

In other news, Jim Schwartz refused to call missing the playoffs a failure. Despite losing most of their games in the second half of the season, and despite of the preferable conditions, as both Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler were injured, making the playoff race quite optimal for them to finish through. His outburst at fans and the way the team has played in key moments over the last couple of years might indicate towards a change at the head coaching position.