Did Comolli Take a Liverpool Bullet for Kenny Dalglish

Kenny Dalglish has done a bad job this season at Liverpool. Most would agree that if it was someone else at the helm, say, Roy Hodgson, he would have been fired already. And Roy Hodgson was fired. Instead, director of football Damien Comolli, 16 months after into the job, left his position, reaching the decision, reportedly, by mutual consent.

So did Comolli pay for Dalglish’s failure to do better with the expensive material he got to run through his hands at Liverpool? Partially, although from the outside, it is always hard telling who was responsible for what in the club. Does a manager make all decision regarding transfers, or is it a joint decision, or even some players coming through different commands and wishes?

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Dalglish has always declared the signings to be his decisions, with Comolli only ‘helping’ to satisfy the manager’s wishes – He has been really helpful in every transfer target we’ve gone for, Everyone who has come into the club since Damien has been here was of my choice. Once I made the choice who I wanted, Damien went away and did a fantastic job of bringing them in.

So what did he do, as director of football? Simply call up a club after Dalglish told him who he wanted and started negotiating? Was he responsible for $183 million spent on players since the American takeover? For Andrew Carroll, Luis Suarez, Stewart Downing and Jordan Henderson?

Or maybe Comolli did the choosing himself, Dalglish telling him he needs a striker or whatever, with the Frenchman deciding who to bring? According to sources, he played a major part in the decision to bring and pay so much for Andrew Carroll. The 23 year old striker cost 35 million pounds, the biggest transfer fee ever for a British player, scoring only 10 goals so far for the club in all competitions.

The official reason for Comolli leaving his job was a desire to return to France for ‘Family Reasons.’ Transfer market reasons seems to be the actual decision behind the sacking. No mutual consent – A simple release of someone who failed at his job. He wasn’t the only one probably, but he was the easiest name to fire.