Diego Sosa And the Most Hilarious Own Goal You’ll Ever See

Diego Sosa of San Martin de San Juan, an Argentinian club, scored one of the most hilarious own goals you’ll ever see. Playing against Estudiantes, the 31 year old defender turned a simple clearance into a very difficult to explain own goal, which at first actually looks like he meant to score.

Sometimes players have these fuses blow up in their brains. Short circuit. When it happens while you’re attacking, an offcourse pass or shot might be the result, some clumsy foot-play and subsequent turnover. On defense? It usually ends up badly.

The mind blacks out for a second, and you forget what you were doing, where you are and what you’re supposed to do. The immediate instinct is to just kick the ball. Instead of clearing it, Sosa simply slotted it into his own net, to the amazement of everyone on the pitch.