Djokovic, Nadal, Federer and Murray = The Beatles?

Novak Djokovic has been the best tennis player in the world these past 13 months. Rafael Nadal has been better than anyone right up to the moment when he meets Novak, losing to him in 7 finals, including 3 consecutive Grand slam finals. Roger Federer? Still pure class, but not up there with the top two. Andy Murray? In the top 4 for years now, but without a Slam title, so far.

Not exactly best of friends, the lot of them. They have been making up the top four in the ATP raknings for quite a few years now, with the top spot changing hands. Federer ruled the (tennis) world for a few years. Nadal took over, Federer took it back, Nadal had a monster 2010 (3 slam titles, completing career grand slam) putting him miles ahead of anyone else.

And then came 2011, and Novak Djokovic turned the tables. Andy Murray? Hasn’t taken that extra step, whatever it needs to be, to get the silverware that’s been avoiding him, and every other British tennis player, since Fred Perry.

The Beatles weren’t exactly best of friends all the time, and probably least of all during the end. I’m pretty sure Djokovic is the least loved by the other 3, especially by Roger Federer, who never hid his emotions regarding the Serb too well. Nadal and Federer? Lots of respect, and look like best buds at times, but great rivalries stir up feelings, as Nadal talked about Federer’s place between the ATP and players’ demands before the Australian Open.

This photo-shopped version of the Abbey Road album cover, with Murray as George Harrison, Federer as McCartney, Djokovic as Ringo and Nadal as John Lennon doesn’t exactly describe the current state of power the correct way, but it’s awesomely cool to look at.