On Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer Before the Masters in Miami

Lets begin with the funnier side – Nadal can’t dance. I was surprised, but the Latin Bull has no limber bone and muscle in his body when it comes to dance moves. Or maybe he was still down from his crushing defeat against Djokovic in the Indian Wells final.

Maybe we should have seen it after his appearance in that Shakira video where he didn’t do much of moving around.

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But on to series business – Actual tennis. The Miami Masters, aka the Sony Ericsson Open is on its way. Last year it was won by Andy Roddick, beating Berdych in the final and beating Rafael Nadal in the semi’s. Hard to see Roddick doing this again, especially after his poor Indian Wells showing. He’s going to lose a lot of points. On to people with an actual chance.

Novak Djokovic stand above the rest at this point. A perfect 2011 so far which included beating Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal on back to back days, twice displaying perfect tennis, composure and physical shape in the third set. With Federer – He just doesn’t seem to have enough in the tank when facing Novak this year and probably in the future. Unless Djokovic shows up out of shape or out of sync, mentally, which doesn’t seem to be possible right now, Federer doesn’t stand a shot. And we might finally get our Federer – Nadal match in the semi final, something that’s quite a rarity since these two have dominated the 1-2 spots in the ATP tour.

How Nadal will show up in Miami is intriguing. Was his terrible serving from the second set onward against Djokovic in the final a one time thing or has he got something in his head now? Nadal’s improved serve made him nearly impossible to beat in 2010, the year we wrapped up the career-grand-slam business, finally winning the US Open. He looked fantastic against Del Potro, so maybe it was seeing Djokovic stand up to him that made his game and serve shatter.

Back to Djokovic – His return is the best in the game right now. He’s beaten Federer three times in three months. How much is left in the tank? For a player who’s had his problems with fitness in the past, playing at this level, for so long, with the clay court season just around the corner, question marks have to be raised. But maybe it was always in his head, not the rest of his body. A dominant performance in Miami will give us the answers.

Who else? Andy Murray seems like he’s going through his Post – Australian Open thing, like last year. He did win the tournament in 2009 but right now he looks like a very unlikely winner. Juan Martin Del Potro, very impressive at Indian Wells and a player who looked ready to challenge the top before his injury early in 2010 might be a better option to take a bite at Nadal, Federer or Djokovic. If he’s healthy, he’s the most dangerous player threatening the top 3 dominance.

So who we backing? Novak Djokovic said this week that Rafael Nadal is the greatest player ever. That has to get Roger Federer angry. I’m not sure angry suits him that well. I don’t see Federer winning this one. He needs to many things to go his way, including Nadal and Djokovic playing well below par. Novak’s form is amazing right now, but I still have to go with Nadal. One bad match, or actually two bad sets don’t mean he’s not the Number one in the world. The right adjustments, meaning getting his serve back on track and I’ll take him over Djokovic. Unless Novak’s planning on exposing another side to him we still haven’t seen.