Dória Is Already One of the Worst Divers in Football

Kleber Sent Off

One of the potential future stars of the Brazilian national team is 18-year old defender Dória from Botafogo, generating a lot of interest from big clubs in Europe as well. However, not everything is great about his behavior on the pitch, which includes being caught faking an injury against Gremio that got another player sent off.

Botafogo lost 1-0 to Gremio as the season in Brazil draws nearer and nearer to a close, but it seems that the biggest moment in the match came when Kleber (from Gremio) and Doria went into a challenge together. Kleber did send his boot a bit too high, but he never caught Doria with it, but it didn’t stop the young centre back from rolling in the ground, crying out in pain and agony.

But it was all for show. All he needed was for the referee to catch on, buy the act, and pull out the red card, convinced that Kleber deliberately hurt the Botafogo player. Once the red card came out, Doria, who isn’t a small boy (1.88 or 6’2), got up and walked away without showing a shred of remorse for his pathetic dive or for any lingering pain.

During the summer both Barcelona and Juventus showed interest in the player, reportedly even offering €10 million for the player, but Botafogo decided he’ll be staying at least until the end of 2013.