Kevin Durant Makes Street Ball Interesting While David Stern Gets Angry

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Kevin Durant scored 66 point. John Lucas III scores 60 the day after, while Durant scored 41 points. Who cares?!!! With the NFL making a rapid wake from lockout slumber, especially the Eagles signing anything and anyone that costs a bit of money. Baseball? I never really cared much for Baseball, not too much. So while the only good thing regarding the NBA is the owners and players actually meeting (with no love between the two sides), I guess some summer games in New York can actually be regarded as news.

So Durant is playing summer games in summer leagues, trying to find out how the ballers are, his words. David Stern and the owners are taking it up a notch against the NBPA – beating the players to court, filing a claim against the players union for unfair labor practice. Stern himself has made his opinion heard the last couple of days with a lot more intent and purpose than he has for quite a while.

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He doesn’t like the fact that the NBA players are going abroad. He tries to make it out like they’re selling themselves cheap – “We want the players to make 16 million dollars, but they’re settling for 3.” He went on and on about how this will be separating the players into classes, with only the top guys able to get great contracts. I’m pretty sure these cheap accusations and attempts to divide to lines among the players won’t really succeed. I’m more for the players in this one – I don’t remember ever buying a ticket to watch Stern or an NBA owner.

Still, that’s oversimplifying things, and I’m not so sure that an exodus to Europe or anywhere else willing to pay decent cash to NBA players, even those who aren’t international draws, is good for the players. It does show us how much many of them want to just play. Those willing to take the pay cut so they can play basketball instead of having to sit around, waiting for their reps to strike a deal which will, eventually, probably screw the players just a bit.

For now, we’re settling for Kobe Bryant scoring own goals or Kevin Durant scoring 66. The real talks for the future of the NBA, with real intent and pressure to actually close out things will be in a month from now, when the chance of losing an entire season will be hanging over everybody’s heads just around the corner. We’ll also settle for Stern complaining about the players, as he watches everything he build slowly sink, for a second time during his dictatorship.