No Reason to Worry (Chivas vs Barcelona)

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So the best team in Mexico beat the best team in the world, 4-1 to boot. Two fantastic goals from 22 year old Marco Fabian paved way for what will be a historic victory to Chivas fans, while meanwhile just another pre season match for the mighty Barcelona. Don’t get me wrong, Chivas did look wonderful during the second half. Fabian’s two goals deserve a post of their own, but test matches aren’t something taken too seriously by big clubs. Guardiola’s mind won’t be bothered too much by this loss in Miami.

I am not surprised by Chivas’ performance. Mexican football is very dynamic and entertaining.” That’s what Barcelona’s head coach had to say. He didn’t play his strongest lineup, and I think the club is more concerned with signing Cesc Fabregas right now. Yes, that again. Fabregas wants this move to happen so badly he’s willing to give up some of his own money. Be it in a decreased future salary or just participating with the transfer fee, Barcelona are about to launch a bid for a round 35 million pounds. Arsenal would prefer 40, but I don’t think they’ll see something like that coming.

The funny thing about the whole Fabregas case, again, is that Barcelona don’t really need him right now. Sure, it’s great to have another world class midfielder, but where will you put him? You can’t play with 3 playmakers – Xavi, Iniesta. Messi likes to have the ball at his feet quite a lot too, you know. And there’s Thiago. The 20 year old Italian born to a Brazilian father who plays for Spain looks like he might just be one of those “Next Great Things”.

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We’ve already discussed the chances of player excelling in youth tournaments (in this case, the U-21 European Championships) becoming leading stars years later. Not that great. But right now, Thiago looks like nearly ready to take the step. His shooting and overall skills and instincts are wonderful to watch. Is he the Xavi and Iniesta type? I’m not sure. His passing skills aren’t honed yet and he doesn’t seem to be one of those player happy to pass the ball around. He goes for the jugular at every opportunity. Very different from Cesc.

Fabregas would fit the Barca mold, at least in its current version, better than Thiago. But Thiago won’t be a starter any time soon, barring injuries for top players. If he’s willing to be patient and wait his turn, than we’ll know just how good he can be on a consistent basis. For now, it’s more promises. Barcelona are betting whatever cash they have left on Fabregas, and I’m not certain that it’s in their best interest that Arsenal accept. I don’t think Fabregas is that unhappy in London. He just prefers somewhere else.

If he and Barcelona wait, he could come over for no money at all. That would be spitting on Arsenal and Arsene Wenger, but hey, the heart makes you do rotten things sometimes. So putting the whole Fabregas-Thiago will he, won’t he saga at rest for today, just take Marco Fabian’s wonderful goals with you, and the name Carlos Fierro. The result? It doesn’t really matter.