El Caminito del Rey – The Most Dangerous Walking Trail in the World

Caminito Del Rey, the King’s little Pathway, has seen better days. What began as a walkway for workers at hydroelectric power plants soon became a tourist attraction for the extreme and danger loving type, but as time went by, the trail’s maintenance was neglected.

After several fatal accidents, caused mostly by the lack of any existing handrails, the government closed down both entrances to the trail. However people still make their way to try their luck and experience the risk of walking a tight path, 100 meters over the Guadalhorce river.

The walkway is only one meter in width, with many parts in highly deteriorated state, calling for a massive restoration project which was agreed upon in 2011.

The path got it’s name in 1921 after King Alfonso XIII, grand father of the current king (Juan Carlos), crossed the walkway for the inauguration of the dam.