England Becoming All-Blacks, Carlos Tevez Decision and the Importance of Juventus

The Original All-Blacks. What England want to be?

Sometimes you don’t know what to think. England will be wearing an All-Black kit in the 2011 Rugby World Cup, in New Zealand. You don’t have to be a rabid rugby fan to know that is just something you don’t do. In a sport steeped in history and tradition, a lot more than others, doing something like this is absolutely disgusting.

Some Kiwis will say it isn’t an issue, others say it’s cheap capitalization on a well known a very well selling brand. I’m tending to go with the latter. Maybe it’s a way of trying to ruffle some Kiwi feathers (borrowed from some site I was reading, don’t remember which one). I have no idea. It might be even worse than the awful purple from a few years ago.

And speaking of England, lets go to the more popular sport, Football. Peter gave some advice to Sir Alex Ferguson regarding his striking pool yesterday, but the bigger name in recent days is Carlos Tevez. While leaving him out of the Argentina lineup in their 3-0 win over Costa Rica did great stuff for the Copa America host nation, the price and his next destination is making more of a splash.

Carlos Teves making it hard for Juve defenders
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Tevez is a great striker, but troubled. Mostly by himself, by some longing he has to return to Argentina or to regress on his professionalism. I don’t know why, but the Corinthians offer is more lucrative to him than staying with Man City or moving to Juventus. On the other hand, he was unhappy for a big part of last season and still scored 20 league goals.

As a Juventus fan, I can’t wait for Juve to start signing big names again. It’s been 8 years since the last legitimate title. But it’s more than a Juve thing. It’s a Serie A thing. Maybe it’s the history and being the club with the most league titles, with or without help from refs. Maybe it’s the enormous amount of fans, in Italy and outside. A league in which Inter is the dominant team is boring. It has been like this for quite some time. AC Milan’s return to local prominence, still not continental, is a great sign. But the Serie A, to be interesting, to be relevant, to be strong and fearsome again, needs Juventus.