The English Premier League – Where Anyone Can Beat Anyone

Manchester City lost for the first time this season a week ago against Chelsea, and their easy road to their first Premier League title doesn’t look so easy anymore. Manchester United, despite taking a hit or two, are right in their, with Tottenham still at a safe distance. There’s clearly a class structure in the league, but when compared to the La Liga, the sense that everything’s open is much more apparent.

The English Premier League isn’t as strong as it was three years ago, the height of British dominance in Europe. Barcelona and Real Madrid are still the biggest club draw in the continent, and the Serie A is making waking up signs. I’d still take the EPL as the best in Europe, top to bottom, not considering just the top two teams as they do in Spain when they try and argue they have the strongest league. The ease of Real Madrid’s 6-2 win in Sevilla was yet another example.


For those unfamiliar with the logos in this fantastic illustration, you might want these explanatory lines with you. Beginning at the top, with Manchester City – City beat United 6-1, who beat Tottenham 3-0, who beat Aston Villa 2-0, who beat Blackburn 3-1, who beat Swansea 4-2, who beat Fulham 2-0, who beat Liverpool 1-0, who beat Arsenal 2-0, who beat Norwich 2-1, who beat Newcastle 4-2, who beat Sunderland 1-0, who beat Stoke City 4-0, who beat Everton 1-0, who beat Wolves 2-1, who beat Wigan 3-1, who beat WBA 2-0, who beat Bolton 2-1, who beat QPR 4-0, who beat Chelsea 1-0, who beat Manchester City 2-1.