Erotic Videos Improve Rugby Performance

Sex before a match will always be a debatable subject, but according to a recent UK study, erotic movies are not. The recent experiment, involving 12 players from a professional Rugby Union team in the Aviva Premiership, revealed findings suggesting that players watching erotic or aggressive videos can boost a player’s physical performance.

The players were shown a four minute clip of either erotic dancing or a UFC fight, later experiencing a peak in testosterone level and their output rose in strength and conditioning exercises.

Image: Source

Saliva samples taken from the players revealed significant increases in their testosterone levels after watching erotic, aggressive/violent and humorous clips, compared to showing them sad or control videos.

During the World Cup, some of the England players revealed that a few of them like to relax by watching UFC fights. Some clubs in the Premiership already use this type of motivational method with their players.

Rugby is a naturally combative sport and putting yourself in an aggressive frame of mind is quite important to how you perform. Testosterone is a feel-good hormone and most people perceive this and perhaps perform better because they feel better. (Researchers)

I wonder if this motivational method works well only in uber-physical sports like Rugby, American Football and such or would also benefit players in soccer or basketball.