ESPN Probably Inventing Stuff About Tom Brady & the New England Patriots

Tom Brady

The conditions to go at the New England Patriots are perfect, so ESPN don’t actually wait with their version of the falling empire, suggesting Tom Brady and the coaching staff aren’t exactly on good terms, even putting the quarterback’s future with the franchise in doubt.

Tension between Tom Brady, New England Patriots may impact quarterback’s future with team. The source? Just a comment from one of their reporters. Anonymous sources of course, and a whole lot of speculating.

According to this tweet, Several players, coaches, & former players have rendered an unsettling picture that all is not well with Brady and the Patriots. What does it actually tell us? Nothing. Could be true, could be not.

Any reporter can take a theory that might sound reasonable considering the situation right now for the Patriots, add a few anonymous sources and spin the entire thing into what he or his network wants the result to be. Accountability? Zero. Ability to realize if there is an actual source, a smoking gun? Zero as well. If it doesn’t turn out to be true, and in this situation any denial by the Patriots can be taken as hiding the actual truth, so there’s no way to lose for the person reporting this rumor.

The Patriots are 2-2, not 0-4. They’re not out in the AFC East or in any running for anything else. They make a great story because of their success for more than a decade. Bill Belichick is an easy person to turn against. Tom Brady is as well, although for different reasons. The conditions are ripe to make a huge story out of this, even if there isn’t any substance there.

The Patriots rarely air out anything that happens inside. They’re that kind of franchise, that kind of program. Brady is competitor, a great one, and is frustrated. His benching simply added fuel to the fire, and made it easy to find an angle of him being in some sort of rift with the team. But suddenly? After just one game of getting pulled off the field? Doesn’t make sense, unless the only thing guiding you is trying to get clicks and views.

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