Euro 2012 – Quarterfinals Qualifying Scenarios

    The Euro 2012 group stage heads into its final four days, with a change to the schedule as both matches on each day will be played at the same time. No one, even Germany with two wins, has yet to ensure their place in the quarterfinals, while both Sweden and Ireland are already out of the running.

    Despite the 4-0, despite the 4 points, aren't safe yet

    Tie Breakers

    a) Higher number of points obtained in the matches played between the teams in question;

    b) Superior goal difference resulting from the matches played between the teams in question;

    c) Higher number of goals scored in the matches played between the teams in question;

    d) If, after having applied criteria a) to c), two teams still have an equal ranking, criteria a) to c) are reapplied exclusively to the matches between the two teams in question to determine the final rankings of the two teams. If this procedure does not lead to a decision, criteria e) to i) apply in the order given;

    e) superior goal difference in all group matches;

    f) higher number of goals scored in all group matches;

    g) position in the UEFA national team coefficient ranking system

    Group A Table

    1. Russia, 4 Points, (5-2)

    2. Czech Republic, 3 Points (3-5)

    3. Poland, 2 Points (2-2)

    4. Greece, 1 Points (2-3)

    If Russia beat Greece, they finish at first place, while Greece are eliminated. That leaves the Poland – Czech Republic match to decide the second place qualifier. The winner takes second, although the Czech Republic can go on if it ends in a draw.

    If Russia and Greece draw their match, Russia still make it through and Greece are eliminated. This leaves an opening for both the Czech Republic and Poland to finish first if either of them wins, while a draw would put the Czechs at second place.

    If Greece beat Russia, it depends by how much. That will give the Greeks the tie breaker over the Russians with 4 points. If the Czechs and Polish draw as well, then it comes down to goal difference in the match between Russia, Czech Republic and Greece. Poland can only continue to the quarter finals if they beat the Czech Republic.

    Two wins and six points might not be enough for Germany

    Group B Table

    1. Germany, 6 Points (3-1)

    2. Portugal, 3 Points (3-3)

    3. Denmark, 3 Points (3-3)

    4. Netherlands, 0 Points (1-3)

    A bit simpler in this one. The Dutch can only move on to the quarterfinals, from the second place at best, if they beat Portugal by at least two goals. Germany can still find themselves out of the tournament if they lose to Denmark by more than one goal and Portugal beat the Netherlands as well, which will put Denmark and Portugal in the next stage. Germany only need a draw to finish top of the group. If Portugal beat the Netherlands they’re in either way. A draw would do as well if Denmark don’t beat Germany.

    Group C Table

    1. Spain, 4 Points (5-1)

    2. Croatia, 4 Points (4-2)

    3. Italy, 2 Points (2-2)

    4. Ireland, 0 Points (1-7)

    All Spain need is a draw and their through from the number one spot, unless Italy come up with a huge win over Ireland. Croatia, besides winning, can qualify with a draw or even a loss if Italy fail to beat Ireland. Italy simply need to win, but even that might not be enough. If Spain and Croatia draw their match, Italy will need to win by more than two goals.

    Group D Table

    1. France, 4 Points (3-1)

    2. England, 4 Points (4-3)

    3. Ukraine, 3 Points (2-3)

    4. Sweden, 0 Points (3-5)

    Sweden are out no matter what. Ukraine have to beat England and they’ll make it into the quarterfinals, with the placing depending on France’s result with Sweden. A draw won’t be enough for the co-hosts. A draw would be enough for England, but they can still make it if they lose, hoping France lose by enough so that England at least end level with Les Bleus on goal difference and goals scored.

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