24 Sexiest Fans in Euro 2016’s Round of 16

Switzerland Fan

Besides wonderful football (most of the time), the 8 round of 16 matches in Euro 2016 gave us another glance at the beautiful fans of the competing national teams.

In my book, Slovakia fans win on the hotness meter, but obviously it’s a matter of taste. Italy players have the sexiest WAGs, and hats off to Lorenzo Insigne, even if he isn’t starting for the Azzurri in this tournament.

Iceland fans, emptying their own country and flooding France to the delight of everyone, also have an impressive number of pretty girl in the stands, but a lot of the time, it’s a matter of photographers being able to find the right face or sexy body.
And as we mentioned before, this is a more “conservative” gallery: Lovely ladies, loving football, wearing jerseys (most of the time). It might be more of a cute assembly than a sexy one, but it doesn’t make it inferior. For some of us, there’s nothing better than a woman who loves football and dresses up for a day in the stadium.

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