25 Faces Only Jim Harbaugh Makes

Holding Harbaugh

One of the more incredible phenomenons in the NFL is that of Jim Harbaugh and the faces he makes. Passion, hatred, anger, concentration, determination all while looking like flying off the handle during San Francisco 49ers games is a very unique blend only one head coach in the league has right now.

The thing about Harbaugh? He never explodes during press conferences. He’s not going to have some famous catchphrase in front of reporters (We let ’em off the hook, playoffs, play to win the game), but almost every time something doesn’t go his and his team’s way on the field, the camera immediately turns to Harbaugh, knowing there’s a very good chance he’ll do something epic with his face muscles.

There’s the surprised Harbaugh, for the times you didn’t quite get the call you were looking for. There’s the raging gorilla one, which can happen either when things go well or when his offensive line falls apart. There’s the holding Harbaugh, grabbing his fist, begging the football gods to somehow change the minds of officials on the field. There’s Harbaugh moving his hand through this hair, pulling out strands and cursing underneath his breath.

Is there a softer side? There’s the smug-evil version, for when things go well. It calls for rubbing your hands together while creepily smiling. There’s the chicken dance Harbaugh, when he’s trying to let officials know about something no one understands. There’s also the look Harbaugh has when he’s been told off by Mike Ditka on the Bears sidelines. No one has seen that look for a very very long time, and maybe never will again.

Surprised Harbaugh
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