Father & Son Link Brings Good Fortune (Yankees vs Mariners)

It was hard to say what was more special for Andy Pettitte, leading the New York Yankees to a 3-1 win over the Seattle Mariners; making it to 250 career wins, or his son, Josh Pettitte, drafted by the team in the 37th round in the MLB draft.

He becomes the 47th pitcher in Major League history to reach that mark. Pettitte is the active leader in baseball when it comes to wins, 49 more than Roy Halladay and Tim Hudson, both at 201. He also has 19 more wins in the postseason, mostly playing for the Yankees except for a few “renegade” Houston years.

Andy Pettitte

I’ll remember this one, that’s for sure. It’s an honor to have the Yankees take him and we’re excited about thatIt’s a good situation to have the opportunity for a lot of teams to look at him. But the money wasn’t going to be there to where I felt he needed to pass up on Baylor. Dad’s hoping Baylor is what he’s going to do.

Mariano Rivera made it a real celebration for old Yankees, picking up his 630th career save and 22 of the season, striking out three batters, while also allowing a hit and a walk during a longer closing inning than expected. Pettitte himself pitched for 7.1, allowing only 3 hits and one run, while striking out six, improving to 5-3 this season on a 3.82 ERA.

When it came to hitting on a day the Yankees improved to 36-26 in, there wasn’t anything outstanding. Jayson Nix, who started the game as a Shortstop but ended up playing on third, got two RBIs. First in the 5th to break the tie, sending Brett Gardner home, and then again, with the same combo, in the 7th inning to put the Yankees two runs up and eventually a bit too much for the Mariners (27-36) to catch up on a 4-of-30 day at bat.


Brett Gardner himself was hard to figure out, going 3-of-5, as the Yankees continue to look for that one go-to-guy who’ll put up more than simply average-to-good numbers. Robinson Cano did get his 40th RBI of the season on a 1-0f-4 performance, but the highest batting average of the players in the Yankees’ lineup for the third game in a four-game series (two wins for the Yankees so far) was Cano, as his average took a slight dip to .276.

Felix Hernandez is the one they’re up against next, and with the Yankees hitting game still quite unimpressive, there’s a good chance they’ll head back to New York with two losses against the Mariners, hurting them as they try to catch up with the Red Sox in the AL East (1.5 games behind at the moment).

For the Yankees, it’ll be David Phelps, who is 4-3 this season with a 4.15 ERA that’s going to start, getting the decision in three of his last five games, and mostly hoping to put the terrible performance from May 29 against the Mets behind him, in which he took out only one player while allowing 5 runs on 31 pitches before bouncing back a few days later against the Indians.

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