FC Barcelona – Alex Song Coming or Not?

Again with Barcelona, again another Arsenal player. This time no one with an actual connection to the club. “Just” Alex Song, the 24 year old Cameroonian midfielder, who’s mostly been talked about by several Barca players, which means that despite all of Tito Vilanova’s denials, they’re probably planning to make a bid for the player.

How much is Song worth? After the 2011-2012 season, Song’s best in his career so far, taking over the Arsenal midfield after the departure of Fabregas, finishing with 11 assists in league play, it’s hard to see Wenger letting him go for anything less than £20-25 million, especially with two years on his contract still to be served. Barcelona are probably hoping to get him for a cheaper price as they try to reload and bulk up their midfield with skill and power, but it won’t be easy.

So far, they’re doing what they did with Fabregas – having players talk about him in the media, commenting on how good he is and just what a wonderful addition he would be for Barcelona should he make the transfer. After that kind of peer pressure, they’re hoping he does come up to Arsene Wenger and hands in a transfer request.

Sergio Busquets, who’ll probably be battling with Song for a place in the midfield unless he’ll continue playign as a centre back, another position Song can play rather well – Song is a very good player – young, a hard worker, with lots of physical power. Sergi Roberto is very well prepared, but I think he is better as an internal option. Barca lose a lot without Keita, both on and off the pitch. He was a much-loved player who gave us a lot of physical power. Another player in my position would be welcome, but either way I will keep working hard to win a place in the starting team.

Andres Iniesta also spoke about Song and how he would be a wonderful addition to the Nou Camp group – He is technically very good and physically very powerful. If he comes, it is because he has the standard to play here and we would welcome him.

Last but not least is Gerard Pique – I know him – he’s a great player. If he joins, which seems possible from what I read in the papers, he’d be welcome.

The only real denial has come from Tito Vilanova, letting his players do the talking. Him? He doesn’t want to talk about players from another club, seeing it as disrespectful. He lets his players do the public negotiating for him.

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