FC Barcelona Present – The Black Jersey for 2013-2014

With transfer announcements being a bit early to announce at this point of the season, declaring new jerseys, kits and shirts brings a lot of excitement with it, as Barcelona uncover another outfit for the 2013-2014 season, this time their third kit, an almost all-black uniform.

The black jersey has grey-ribbed sleeves, a yellow Nike swoosh logo, whilst the Qatar Airways sponsor is plastered on the middle of the shirt.

Leaked photographs of the home jersey for next season were published just over a week ago, not bringing too much change to the classic dark blue and maroon vertical lines that have become the famous and distinct look for the team.

Black Barcelona Shirt

Barcelona are headed towards a weird season next year, in which they won’t be regarded, for the first time in four years, as the top club in European football. Failing to reach the UCL final in the past haven’t caused this much of a downgrading in their status, but the way Bayern Munich walked all over them in both semifinal legs will cause for some sort of mini-revolution in the way the team approaches next season.