FC Barcelona – Jose Manuel Pinto Trying to be Lionel Messi

Not sure if Pinto or Messi

Despite being panned by pretty much everyone as a failure this season, Barcelona still have a chance in match for the championship to come out with smiles and a title this season. Substitute goalkeeper Jose Manuel Pinto pulling off crazy dribbles like the one he had against Elche, thinking he is Lionel Messi, aren’t going to help them come away with the victory.

Pinto shouldn’t be playing. He knows it, everyone knows it. But injuries happen, as Victor Valdes, who has been there for Barcelona in every big moment for the last 11 years, picked up an injury that meant the end of his season and called up the 38-year old goalkeeper who usually plays in Copa Del Rey matches, to be a starting player for possibly the final time in his career.

In the 0-0 draw with Elche Pinto managed to give Barcelona players, fans and staff a huge scare, although since filling in for Valdes he hasn’t made any huge mistakes. Goals that Barcelona have conceded came from defensive problems, not the goalkeeper messing up.

Victor Valdes is known for his ability to use his feet, almost like a libero. That has been actually an important part of Barcelona’s ball movement system in the past. Pinto isn’t that skilled with the ball at his feet, but sometimes, but the sheer force of dumb luck, he comes out looking like a genius.

InsecurePleasantAbyssiniancat Barcelonas crazy keeper Pinto goes on a dribble v Elche reminiscent of Lionel Messi [Video & GIF]