FC Barcelona – Lionel Messi Misses, Neymar Fights & Luis Suarez Doesn’t Bite

Lionel Messi, Joe Hart

The first leg in the Champions League went more or less according to plan for Barcelona, despite Lionel Messi missing a penalty kick, Neymar getting into an argument with a Manchester City fan and Luis Suarez wrongfully accused of biting.

We’ll begin with Suarez, running next to Martin Demichelis of Manchester City. Demichelis stretched out his arm to shove Suarez on the chest, and Suarez simply made a move with his head. From far away, with prejudice against Suarez, someone with poor eyesight can think it’s a bite.

Of course, on the internet, proof is rarely necessary. All you need to do is post an image with potato quality and say Suarez took another bite out of a footballer. Most fans will take the bait and spread the word. Often, the truth is disappointing and boring. Just a nudge.

Neymar didn’t score and didn’t play all that well, but managed to create some headlines at the end of the match. As he was walking off the pitch, something a Manchester City fan said to him caught his attention.

Neymar could have ignored it, but went to have a short and meaningful chat with the person. What was it about? Something regarding Neymar diving and such. Nothing actually happened, but Barcelona simply being better than Manchester City is not news or surprising.

And we finish off with Lionel Messi, who could have scored at least a couple of goals in an easy, dominant match for him and his teammates. First there was this weird state at Hart’schizzled buttocks:

But the most memorable moment between the two players came in injury time. Lionel Messi had the chance to put away the clash for goodby scoring a third away goal, but Joe Hart made an mipressive save to deny Messi the penalty goal.

Messi made things worse by missing the rebound as he was trying to score with a diving header. Maybe using his legs would have been better, as his shot sailed just wide of the mark.

No matter. Barcelona proved that they are still leagues ahead of Manchester City in every possible aspect. It’s going to take a miracle for the defending Premier League champions to make it through to the quarterfinals for a first time.

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