FC Barcelona – Lionel Messi Will Never Leave

Some players are just impossible to imagine playing in a different uniform than what they are now. Lionel Messi has been a Barcelona player since 2000, arriving from Argentina at the age of 13. He played his first match in the league four months after his 17th birthday. It’s hard to see him wearing any other jersey but the one he’s plays in now.

And still, that doesn’t stop transfer rumors from spreading, even if they hold little to no truth. I don’t know what it is, but until the recent rise through Pep Guardiola, there’s something that makes Barcelona players seem more available for transfer than those playing for Real Madrid. Maybe it’s the better money they’re paid in Real (not necessarily true); maybe it’s something else.

Once Manchester City turned into the richest club in the world, the speculations started flying around about how much would it cost to bring him to the Premier League. Manchester City never intended to sign Messi, but a misunderstanding during a conference call led to a £30 million bid from City to Barcelona for Messi, which was obviously rejected.

The latest rise of a big player in the transfer market comes from Paris, where Saint-Germain have been buying anything they can get their hands on over the last couple of seasons. It began with players in France, and this summer was mostly about poaching the Serie A, signing Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Thiago Silva, Ezequiel Lavezzi and Marco Verratti for a combined fee of over €100 million. The pockets with a never ending depth obviously bring forth the speculation of whether PSG is a club that can make and complete a move for Messi.

He doesn’t really think so.

Paris Saint-Germain’s project tempting? No, no! I have the best teammates in the world at Barcelona. We fight for trophies every season. Barcelona is a beautiful city and Barca are the club where I was raised. I can honestly not even imagine leaving Barcelona. 

I don’t know whether PSG already have the means to challenge the big teams in the Champions League this season. I think that they can win the Ligue 1 title with all the players who can be decisive. But it takes time to build a team. Their situation reminds me a bit of Manchester City. It’s not easy to build a team when you have players coming from all corners of the world.

You never say never. Cristiano Ronaldo pledged his allegiance to Real Madrid forever and ever before we had the early season drama, which probably revolved around the player simply wanting a financial upgrade. Barcelona have yet to hand over Lionel Messi the extension that was talked about, but it’s coming. The plan is to keep the popular choice for best player in the world forever and ever. Luckily for them, at least for now, Messi is thinking the same thing.

Image: Source Interview: Yahoo