FC Barcelona Transfer Rumors – Cesc Fabregas Staying, David Luiz Want to Join

Cesc Fabregas 2013

While Barcelona are busy spreading peace in the galaxy, this time between Israel and the Palestinians, they’re also still on the hunt for another centre back, especially David Luiz according to reports coming from Spain, while holding the line when it comes to keeping Cesc Fabregas at the club.

According to El Mundo Deportivo, all of the denials from Chelsea regarding their Brazilian centre back aren’t causing Barcelona to back down. Chelsea might put on a huge £45 million price tag if Barcelona actually make an approach in order to ensure there’s no chance of them signing the player, but Luiz himself is reported to be willing and take a paycut in order to play for the club.

Luiz is rumored to be very interested in joining Barcelona despite his success over the last two and a half years with Chelsea and three more years remaining on his contract with them. The problem is Barcelona not willing to pay the price being asked by Chelsea, probably not even close.

And the Manchester Untied – Cesc Fabregas link? Fabregas himself has remained quite mum on the subject, which means he doesn’t have any special inclinations to leave, but he’s not too frightened by the idea of leaving Barcelona. However, a third bid for £40 million won’t make a difference – Barcelona simply aren’t selling, with a different club official repeating the same words each day.

While there have been mentions of Barcelona waiting for Fabregas to declare his future and allegiance to them publicly, the things they’re saying to the press are completely different. Summing it up? He’s their player, with a contract for a few more years, and there’s no reason they should try and sell him. There’s interest, official interest and offers, but it’s going to take a lot more for Barcelona to sell one of their best players.

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