Wimbledon Men’s Final

Roger FedererImage: Source

Roger Federer broke Andy Roddick only once, but it came in the last game of the fifth set, and it was enough for him to win the 2009 Wimbledon title, his sixth Wimbledon title, and most importantly – his 15th grand slam of his career, number one all time, leaving Pete Sampras at second alone with 14.

Andy Roddick surprised everyone by breaking Federer late in the first set and winning it 7-5, but Roger Federer came back in the next two sets, keeping his serve and winning both sets with a tie break. Roddick broke Federer again in the fourth set, winning 6-3, and then came the fifth set.

Roger FedererImage: Source

They couldn’t break each other for 29 games, until the 30th game. Federer finally broke Roddick and won the fifth set 16-14 and finally cemented his place at the top of the Tennis game throughout history, the best tennis player ever, leaving no doubt with anyone.

Andy Roddick seemed really broken at the end of the game, looking like he had a hard time to face the fact he was able to keep Federer from breaking his serve for almost five hours, but was finally broken at the worst possible time for him. He still found time to make the crowd laugh during the award ceremony, but looked on the brink of tears throughout. Federer himself acknowledged the fact that he achieved his last two slams with Nadal out of the picture and the question remains – how many will he get before he retires?