Felipe Alves is One Crazy & Talented Goalkeeper

The 26-year old goalkeeper , playing for Audax-SP in the Paulista, the local Sao Paulo championship, decided that playing it safe in a match against Ituano is boring, or simply not for him.

So after getting back pass which he should have simply cleared, Alves decided to chip the ball over a rushing attacker trying to force a turnover out of him.

Alves did well with the chip, but his next touch wasn’t so soft and accurate, bouncing a bit too far for him to control.

This resulted in another Ituano player charging at him and trying to score. Alves did the only thing he had time for: Slide, challenge, and hope for the best.

His tackle was clean according to the referee, and his team made it out safely from that short moment of panic. Alves got to show off his improvisational skills and get away with it, but no one wants his goalkeeper to do these things.