Fernando Llorente & Luca Antonini in a Bloody Clash of Heads

The first impression left by Fernando Llorente for Juventus? That he has a strong head, as the Spanish striker ran into Luca Antonini of AC Milan in a friendly match between the two teams, resulting in a bloody mess, with the Milan defender taking the worst of it.

In the TIM cup match between the two sides, ending in a penalty shootout that Milan won, the most memorable moment didn’t have a lot to do with football, and probably showed to some Juventus fans just how much of a “tank” Fernando Llorente is, even though it wasn’t done purposely.

Llorente was chasing after a ball near the Milan penalty area, ending up running into Antonini. Their heads clashed, which opened serious cuts for both men above their eyebrows. While Llorente seemed un-bothered by the bleeding, Antonini was left lying on the grass until he was stretchered off the pitch. Llorente too left to get himself stitched up.

Luca Antonini