Does This Mean Fernando Torres is Good Again?

Last time Fernando Torres scored, before his Leicester double? October 19, 2011, in a Champions League match against Racing Genk. Chelsea beat Leicester 5-2 in the FA Cup to advance into the Semi Finals, keeping it a perfect four for four since Roberto Di Matteo took over. Now, he’s actually managed, maybe, to bring back Torres on the score sheet.

A soccer player’s confidence is a fickle thing, especially when talking about strikes. Torres hasn’t found the net in 24 hours, and even when he’s played well, and he has had good matches and performances despite not finding the net, it’s all about the goals. When you have that incredible price tag on your back, it’s all about the numbers you produce. Torres’ numbers this season – 2 league goals and a total of six in 34 matches, with strides on the pine and in the lineup, are horrible.

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But then comes this brace against Leicester. Yes, a Championship side, but still, a goal, and even better, two, during the FA Cup quarter finals have to mean something. The whole club is looking happy, rejuvenated, with the 4-1 win over Napoli in the Champions League as the perfect example of the spirit, and yes, happiness, now that Andre Villas-Boas is gone.

Back to Torres, who even had two assists yesterday. A perfect game for the Spaniard, who has lost his place in the national team squad, a few months before the 2012 Euro, nearly four years after he scored the winning goal for Spain in the final against Germany? I dunno if perfect, but he couldn’t have asked for a better finish.

His first goal showed just how much confidence he lacks, or lacked up to that point. An easy kick that he mishit, but it still went in. Suddenly, a ray of sunshine through the dreary clouds, and Torres scores a second goal with a great header of a Meireles corner. Suddenly, it’s all back to proud and confident once again.

Is Fernando Torres back? Is Roberto Di Matteo a magician? Who knows, and nope. Di Matteo seemingly went to what has worked for Chelsea all these years. Lampard, Drogba, they never forgot how to play football. They were just thrust into a situation which made them look bad, and eventually, the entire team. Di Matteo, for now, makes everyone lookd good, even Fernando Torres. Lets hope it last for more than one match.