Fernando Torres Prefers Talking to Scoring Goals

Every now and then, we remember that up until two years ago, Fernando Torres, for a short while, was considered the best striker in the world by some, especially Liverpool fans. Then came injuries, and sort of a comeback, and then a 50 million pound transfer to Chelsea. Since then Torres has given more interviews than goals, much more.

The numbers? Every Chelsea fan knows them. Three, yes three, league goals in 26 matches. A total of five goals and six assists in 36 matches in all competitions. Daniel Sturridge, for example, has nine league goals this season in 13 matches. Just to give you some range. Sturridge cost an initial 3.5 million, rising to a maximum of 5.

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Well, while Liverpool are being attacked for supporting their player and not supporting anti-racism, Fernando Torres decided the time is ripe to take another swipe at his former club. Yes, someone very clever is advising the World and European champion. He’s been mostly seen sulking on the Chelsea bench of late, ready to make some garbage time appearance, so why not share his mind with the loving public?

Torres said, again, the people don’t know the truth about the end of his days at Liverpool. I love it when players say – People don’t know the truth… Say it, tell us what happened. Torres said he was lied to by the board, promises made were broken. Maybe he’s alluding to the fact that Liverpool didn’t bring enough talent around him. Maybe. We do know they were the biggest spenders this summer in the transfer market, with Torres money to help them (although most of it went on Carroll).

He doesn’t want Liverpool fans to hate him, he doesn’t even understand why they hate him. Is it that hard to understand? Fans will hate anyone who makes a move for money. It’s a players right to make his financial state be what leads his career, but don’t be surprised that people call you a gold digger behind your back and in your face.

Scoring a few goals might take the heat off Torres, who’s been mentioned more and more with transfer rumors, the most recent ones coming from Italy and AC Milan, who have been linked to both him and Carlos Tevez lately. Ibrahimovic, Pato and Robinho aren’t enough apparently.

My suggestion? PSG. Rafa Benitez or Carlo Ancelotti will probably love to have him, even on loan. Playing in the French Ligue is bound to be easier than the Premier League, just to get his scoring touch back. I’m one of those who believes it’s all in his head, and Torres is in the wrong place to show what he’s got. A change of scenery, meaning out of England, can do a world of good. He did score nine goals on a crappy Liverpool team before bolting for London.