Florida State Marching Band Plays Game of Thrones Theme

Florida State took a huge step towards a possible ACC title and staying in contention for the national title game by beating Clemson in their biggest test so far and maybe all regular season, but for some, the most memorable moments of the game was when the Seminoles marching band played the Game of Thrones theme song.

Once in a while, a marching band actually makes more news that their team, especially when it comes to a less notable football team, like the Ohio Bobcats, who became an internet sensation after playing and performing an impressive dance routine to LMFAO Party Rock Anthem a year ago.

With Game of Thrones being one of the most talked about TV shows and cultural phenomenons over the past 18 months, making George RR Martin into a huge celebrity and many people actually become huge fans of ‘A song of Ice and Fire’ book series, the marching band playing that song was bound to garner some attention.

Sometimes, you don’t need to love football or sports to watch a College Football game. Sometimes, having a moment or two of the band playing your favorite song is enough to to make it worth your while.