Floyd Mayweather Between Villainy and Obama

Floyd Mayweather is busy preparing for his fight with Migeul Cotto on May 5. Nothing else should matter now. Not his impending prison time, waiting for him after the fight, not the Manny Pacquiao mega fight that never transpired. Still, Mayweather has time fantasize about that fight and American president Barack Obama in his corner.

The closest thing to an insight on how Mayweather and Cotto are preparing for their Light Middleweight title fight in Vegas is through the 24/7 show on HBO, but as expected, the focus isn’t on the training, but on what happens in the gym and beyond when their not flexing their muscles. You gotta keep the audience interest. As usual, it’s about Mayweather delivering the goods.

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While Cotto comes off as a family man who just trains and rests, finding fun on his vacation days by spending it with his family and friends, Floyd Mayweather is a different kind of person, like you didn’t know that already. Night time is when he thrives. While there’s no doubt he trains just as hard as the next man; Mayweather looks, as usual, in supreme condition, his mouth is working extra time with insults, hype and talking about money.

But his latest idea seems to be the craziest of all. About wanting Barack Obama to walk with him to the ring if Mayweather gets to fight Manny Pacquiao. His best friend 50 Cent isn’t enough star power in his entourage. He needs an American president as well, but his motives, as usual, come off as completely selfish.

People want to know how much power Floyd Mayweather got. I can guarantee you this: I’ll show you how much power I got. If I was to fight Manny Pacquiao, I’ll let Barack Obama walk me to the ring holding my belt. Can I make it happen? Absolutely. 

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Mayweather brings to the table, delivers each and every time, everything about him that makes him hated by many. It’s a cliche, but it’s usually true. People are just as interested in watching him win as they are in watching him lose. Villains just make a more intriguing athlete. Arrogance may not make him the most likable person in the world. Being convicted of hitting his ex definitely doesn’t makes him likable. But he draws you in.

You find yourself captivated, wanting to hear what Mayweather has to say next. What outrageous insult he’ll fire at someone. How will he degrade and diss his next opponent in the ring. He creates and sells the product perfectly. He hasn’t become the marquee figure in boxing for being a nice, boring guy. His style doesn’t always gets you excited as well. It’s about the persona, real or not, people want to see go down in the ring.

And that’s where it’s always hard dissecting and separating the real Floyd Mayweather from the media man he wants everyone to hate. He gives to charity, helping families of Boxers who have passed away, but he does it very quietly. He’s more revealing about his gambling and winning, be it on camera or twitter.

Above everything, it’s generating interest. He doesn’t care about what people think about him; about what the media thinks about him, or how it portrays him. He doesn’t’ come off too well when he talks about, well, everything. But he builds on that hatred to sell him on the HBO PPV. He’s doesn’t split that revenue with Cotto or any other boxer anyway. He’s perfect in the ring, making it affordable for him to be anything but outside of it.