Floyd Mayweather – Everyone Thinks He’s Avoiding Manny Pacquiao

It’s still quiet on the Floyd Mayweather front. I mean, he’s always being talked about, but staying silent himself. Meanwhile, Manny Pacquiao is sorta calling him out, while others are talking more and more about the fact that the big fight isn’t happening because Mayweather is avoiding it, not the other way round.

When Mayweather and 50 Cent split ways, you knew the subject was going to come up sooner or later. Curtis Jackson has been friends and partners with Mayweather for such a long time, it was only a matter of a little bit of distance between the two until Jackson began talking about more than why he and Mayweather split up; about why Mayweather hasn’t fought Manny Pacquiao yet.

There are usually two sides to each story. According to the Mayweather version, at the basis of everything involving the potential fight, is Bob Arum. The man pulling the strings on the Pacquiao puppet, the man who’s blocking with his body any attempt to make this thing happen. While Arum has obviously changed some of Pacquiao’s choices regarding his future fights in past cases, it seems more and more likely that he isn’t the one stopping this one from happening.

Who is? What is? Mayweather himself is the popular opinion. Money, drug testing, fear of getting beat. We know cash and revenue are very important to Mayweather, and he has a very hard time sharing and splitting what he’s making from fights. We know he’s been throwing around the requests to have Pacquiao take Olympic-style blood tests if the two ever sign on the same contract, but it always seems like camouflage. More reasons to stop it from happening because he simply doesn’t want the fight to happen, because he hasn’t figured out a way to beat Manny Pacquiao himself.

According to 50 Cent, it’s a combination of both the financial issue and the fact that he can live with himself without getting in the ring with Pacquiao.

Having to pay that kind of money really irritates Floyd. He feels that when someone is making more money than they ever made, they shouldn’t be asking for more. He feels like he’s the star and he should be making the money and they should be thanking him for what he’s willing to pay them. He’s been hand picking opponents and trying to find every reason possible not to get in the ring with Manny Pacquiao.

Now that 50 Cent has started his own boxing promotion company, SMS Promotions, maybe he can be the key that brings the two together. Highly unlikely, if you’re the pessimistic one, like I am. You can choose to believe what 50 Cent says about Mayweather, but the fact that he doesn’t go around trashing his would be business partner but offering logical, calm explanations of what transpired between the two makes it seem like the real deal.

Maybe more people calling out Mayweather, saying he’s afraid of Pacquiao will do the job? Mike Tyson is the most recent of these people, saying he thinks Mayweather is afraid of fighting Manny, and that Pacquiao will probably beat him if the two ever get in the ring.

These things haven’t worked on Mayweather in the past. A win by Pacquiao in his upcoming fight against Juan Manuel Marquez will definitely put more pressure on him to finally work out a deal. Pacquiao losing might be the perfect excuse for him to avoid the fight, or simply find a way to pocket more money from it.
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