Floyd Mayweather – Fighting Timothy Bradley Instead of Robert Guerrero?

Still no confirmation regarding the next opponent of Floyd Mayweather, in a fight that will take place on May 4, Early rumors (and more than that) suggested it’ll be Robert Guerrero, the current interim WBC Welterweight champion, but according to recent developments, it might be WBO Welterweight champ Timothy Bradley.

For the last couple of months, since it’s been announced that Mayweather is planning on fighting twice in 2013, something that hasn’t happened since 2007, most of the projections regarding his likely opponents have centered around two men: First Robert Guerrero, who won the vacant WBC interim Welterweight title six months ago beating Selcuk Aydin and defended it with a win against Andre Berto four months later, and in September, a fight with Saul Alvarez for a unification of Light Middleweight titles.

The deal with Alvarez isn’t closed yet, but it looks like that fight, which isn’t really talked about from any side, between Mayweather and Alvarez, will happen. It just makes the most sense financially, even if many think Canelo isn’t ready for Mayweather. A Mexican weekend, the most popular young Mexican fighter, and Floyd Mayweather. What else do you need? Boxing is always about putting a fight that can generate a lot of money for some, not about what’s the best for the sport. The things that actually make sense don’t always happen.

But there’s always the first fight, and while Guerrero has been the popular name in recent months, Mayweather has recently gone on twitter to announce that fight is just a rumor. Guerrero might not be a big enough name for Mayweather, who is all about the PPV, nothing less, nothing else. Mayweather alone is worth one million buys, and with the help of a better name than Robert Guerrero, the revenues should be higher.

Then who? Miguel Cotto has already been beaten, Manny Pacquiao is out of the equation. He won’t fight Alvarez before he gets in a May fight with someone, and Sergio Martinez looks like a dream we might not get to see, but who knows. Timothy Bradley, some sources suggest, will actually be the fighter Mayweather pulls up again.

Bradley, the WBO Welterweight champ, hasn’t fought since his disgrace of a win against Manny Pacquiao on June 2012, a fight Bradley lost according to everyone who watched the fight, except for the ringside judges, somehow awarding him more points and more rounds. Bradley broke his foot during the fight, and has been recovering and waiting for another chance since. It’s funny that he won the belt, won the biggest prize of his life ($5 million) and somehow came out weakened from the fight.

He didn’t get a lot of respect for the win, because it shouldn’t have happened. Bradley himself has been mostly quiet since that fight. The low PPV results (only 700,000) also didn’t help the undefeated fighter, hailing from California. Still, for Mayweather’s purposes, he just might do the trick.

Because Bradley is now a bit more known to those who aren’t boxing experts. He may have not impressed anyone with his “win” against Pacquiao, but at his best, he’s a very quick fighter who is hard to hit and bruise. He might give an older Mayweather (Yes, Floyd will be 36 in a month if you haven’t noticed) just the kind of fight, together with a slight PPV boost, the world’s number one P-4-P fighter is looking for.

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