Jail Means no Pacquiao or May 5 Fight for Mayweather

Instead of fighting Manny Pacquiao or anyone else for that matter on May 5 or anytime soon, Floyd Mayweather will spend the next 87 days, unless something even more shocking the sentencing happens, in Nevada’s Clark County Jail, same place his uncle and trainer Roger Mayweather spent time in.

Mayweahter decided to plea guilty to a reduced battery domestic violence charge and no contest on two harassment chargers. If found guilty in trail on all counts, Mayweather could have gotten up to 34 years in jail. Pleading guilty got him three months, as opposed to fines and community work he received in earlier cases.

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It’s a sad day for Floyd Mayweather, for his fans, and for boxing. Whether you like the guy or not, he’s great for the sport. The biggest name, the biggest draw. His big mouth and personality sell fights, and people love watching the bad guy, hoping for his fall. But being bad around the ring and being bad in real life, a convicted woman beater, it very different.

Mayweather’s been able to dodge bullets for a few years now, and his win over Victor Ortiz in September, leading to the booking of the May 5 date for ‘a very big fight, the biggest possible’ according to some, put the knowledge of his various problems in court, including the Manny Pacquiao defamation lawsuit after Mayweather claiming he suspects Pacquiao was on PEDs, were nearly forgotten by us, and maybe even him.

It’s questionable if talks between the Mayweather camp and Pacquiao’s camp even happened. Today, both Bob Arum and reps from Golden Boy refused to make any comments on the matter. For Bob Arum, this has to be good news. I’m not saying he wanted Mayweather to go to jail, but he preferred not to close this deal. This paves the way for another Pacquiao – Marquez fight, the fourth won, although I’m not so sure if the public are so eager to see it again.

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Juan Manuel Marquez may be shouting Wolf, Wolf, but he’s been doing it for years. Anytime someone loses a close fight, he can claim he got robbed. Marquez has only himself to blame for letting up in the final two rounds, trying to save a scorecards win instead of trying to get the knockout. Manny did more in those rounds, and got the decision.

For Mayweather, it means no big fight in May 5. Not against Manny Pacquiao, not against Sergio Martinez, not against anybody. He might get an early release for good behavior, cutting away a few weeks from his jail time. Still, he won’t be out till Spring, and he won’t fight again before late summer, probably even fall. The boxing world changes quickly, and who knows what will be the fate of the whole Pacquiao – Mayweather ordeal. Mayweather has bigger fish to fry right now than thinking who his opponent in over seven months is going to be.

Mayweather’s popularity probably won’t take too much of a hit. His own fans will still love him, and those who hate him just have another reason. I’m pretty sure that jail time will just make his next PPV fight an even bigger seller than before. People love watching the bad guy, this time with even more indicting credentials to his name.