Floyd Mayweather Jr. Biggest Draw in Boxing

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With the numbers of Floyd Mayweather’s and Victor Ortiz’ September title fight out, it’s clear the Mayweather, despite being probably the most hated boxer in the sport right now, is also its biggest draw. Hate, love, attention and creating interest usually go hand in hand.

Good news come in two for Mayweather, who was acquitted in Las Vegas of those harassment charges. More time to focus on Boxing? Lets begin with talking – My motto is ‘hard work and dedication’ and I have shown this throughout my entire career, which has allowed me to go out and perform each time I step in the ring. I give the fans everything I have with the best competition and exciting fights. I must be doing something right as they keep buying my fights and I appreciate their tremendous support. It feels good to be able to generate such a great interest in the sport. 

And yes, Mayweather beats Pacquiao in this department, if you were wondering. Golden Boy Promotions announced that the Mayweather – Ortiz fight generated 1.25 million Pay-Per-View buys, generating $78.44 million. Those are the domestic numbers, mind you. That is the third biggest all time in non-heavyweight fights, and Mayweather’s third consecutive fight with over 1 million PPV buys.

His record is 2.45 million, back in 2007, facing Oscar De La Hoya. Manny Pacquiao’s May fight with Sane Mosley probably brought around the same number of views, although there was never an official release of numbers, but Mayweather’s fight was sold for a higher price, grossing more money. His De La Hoya fight is the biggest grosser in a non-Heavyweight fight, bringing home $136.8 million.

And it makes you wonder what would a Mayweather – Pacquiao fight do. Maybe break some Heavyweight records? Like we tend to mention, right now, there’s no chance of it happening.