Aftermath of the Mayweather – Ortiz Title Fight

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. actually knocked out Victor Ortiz. It wasn’t just that Mayweather, who in recent fights seemed content with perfect defending and counter punching for 12 rounds, scored the fourth round KO with a two punch combo to the face of Ortiz, it was the manner of which he got his win. Controversial, unsportsmanlike, but still legal. Hey, the ref, the always hated Joe Cortez, said it was OK, who are we to say anything different?

When a guy moves in to hug you, even kiss you, you give him a few seconds to put his gloves up, don’t you? Well, Mayweather didn’t think so. Protect yourself at all times. Ortiz didn’t know what was going on before the second punch landed and sent him to the canvas and ended the fight. Floyd Mayweather, back after 16 months, and already the WBC Welterweight champion. And I think he doesn’t even care. His sights, ambitions, are elsewhere, bigger.

Judging by the first four rounds Ortiz was going down anyway. Mayweather wasn’t in his own shell and was constantly hitting Ortiz. Not knocking him down or anything, but in the third round Ortiz didn’t look like he was even tried to avoid getting punched. Frustration and desperation led him to an illegal headbutt that stopped the fight in the fourth. Immediately after apologizing, Mayweather knocked him out.

Ortiz got a few punches to land in the second round, but nothing more. Mayweather wasn’t flawless, but most of time, too bloody good for Ortiz, who lost for the third time in his career. For Mayweather, it was his 42 win and 26 KO. He’s never lost, and except for Pacquiao, there doesn’t seem to be anyone who can actually beat him.

And despite what Mayweather is saying, I’m sure he knows that the only big challenge for him, and biggest pay day (which is very very important to Jr.) is Manny Pacquiao. Maybe the challenge is what Mayweather Jr. doesn’t wan’t. If it’s a choice between proving he is the greatest Welterweight and P4P fighter or fighting guys he can beat while making tons of money but avoiding greatness, eternal greatness, Mayweather seems to be going for the latter.

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I don’t need Pacquiao. Mayweather hardly waited for the end of the fight and started talking about how he doesn’t feel the mega fight is going to happen. Obviously, he wasn’t too happy about questions regarding the ethics and sportsmanship of the way he knocked out Ortiz. All Pacquiao is doing is fighting my leftovers. he difference between me and certain fighters is there’s a boss at other companies. I move when I want to move. I fight when I want to fight.

There’s two ways to look at it but as far as I was concerned I came here to entertain the fans and I think they were entertained. There was a miscommunication with the referee but nobody is perfect and this was a learning experience.

As far as money is concerned, Mayweather Jr. banked in at least 25 million dollars, probably even more with the Pay Per View numbers. He was talking about pleasing fans and putting on a show. Always the promoter, dodging the questions abou the end of the fight. As far as he was concerned, he did nothing wrong. Or maybe he just wanted to go home already.

Respect? Mayweather won’t win credit or respect from Boxing fans for what he did. Those who love will defend him and say it was legal – the ref said it was OK, so it was clean knockout. In the ring, protect yourself. Those who hate him? They’ll probably grow a bit in numbers. Mayweather does three things very well – Box, Promote and play the villain. Villains sell tickets and vies.