Mayweather vs Pacquiao – New PED Accusations

Floyd Mayweather, no matter what fight he’s preparing for and promoting, will get asked about Manny Pacquiao and why the two haven’t already stepped in the ring. Usually, it’s the same answers over and over. Heading into his fight with Cotto, Mayweather unleashed a 10 minute rant accusing Pacquiao once again for using PEDs.

Maybe Mayweather forgot, or maybe he just doesn’t care because he’s going to prison anyway. This isn’t the first time the unofficial P4P king has made these accusation regarding Pacquiao’s meteoric rise over the years. Pacquiao is actually suing Mayweather for defamation. Obviously, something like this never stops Mayweather from speaking his mind, especially when he knows it generates more interest.

His fight with Miguel Cotto is only three days away, but the question that set off Mayweather, who been doing plenty of talking lately, be it on 24/7 or Speaking Out, was again regarding his ‘not happening’ fight with Manny Pacquiao. No talk about the money, split and no split; Nothing about the PPV money. Just straight out calling out Pacquiao for being a cheater. Not dodging him, but actually not fighting him because he’s thinking about his health.

Health is more important than anything. Because guess what? When my career is over, if I’m hurt because of something that has happened in a fight, I can’t come to you and say, ‘I need money.’ 

People say, ‘We don’t give a f#$% if he’s taking or not; we just want to see the fight. We don’t give a f#$% about your health and we don’t give a f#$% about your family. I care about my family. I love my family. They’re going to be there when no one else is there. When my career is over, you’re all going to move on to the next one. 

Mayweather went off on and on about how easy it is to spot Pacquiao’s unnatural growth and rise through the weight classes in such a short time, without losing any of his speed.

I’m going up in weight but I’m not just walking through no damn fighters. This motherf***er was 106lbs when he started and he’s just walking through Cotto. And Cotto can’t knock down Shane Mosley, but he can? Come on man. 

Go back and look at the pictures. His head is small and then all of a sudden his head just grew? Come on man, stop this. Go back and look at the pictures and tell me this man’s head didn’t get bigger. You’re going to tell me this shit is all natural. Come on man, stop.

Bob Arum, always a good target for Mayweather and anyone else not in the Top Rank camp (sometimes for good reason), was also mentioned by Floyd.

Don King and Arum don’t see out the eyes of a fighter because they’re not a fighter. All they care about is some f***ing money. I care about a fighter’s well being because I am a fighter. I know how it is to have a broken rib the rest of your life.

I know how it is to piss blood. You all don’t know nothing about this. This is how the world is, you get writers saying, ‘Floyd is scared’. No, Floyd cares about his family. Floyd is smart. You all know for a fact I’m not scared. You all know that.

As always with Mayweather, you never know where this is coming from. The fighter, one of the greatest pound-4-pound boxers in history, who actually cares and is speaking from the heart? Or is this media persona, talking and spitting out venom and trash talking only to sell more PPV?

Manny Pacquiao has won titles in eight different divisions, currently holding the WBO welterweight belt he won back in 2009 after beating Miguel Cotto. Floyd Mayweather has won titles in five divisions, currently holding the WBC welterweight title he won last September off of Victor Ortiz.

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