Mayweather vs Pacquaio – No PPV Split Right Decision For Floyd

Floyd Mayweather talking about money and wanting to split PPV revenues with Manny Pacquiao, or any other opponent for that matter, doesn’t win him anymore affection or fans from the public, but Mayweather’s about his legacy, and his bank account, not really caring about anyone but himself, and that’s just fine.

Mayweather will be fighting Miguel Cotto in two months from now at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, but it seems their current promotional tour for the fight involves more talk from Mayweather about why the Pacquiao fight never took place this time around.

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And while Mayweather knows he’s heading to prison a few weeks after his May 5 fight with Cotto, he isn’t talking about it. Maybe he knows something we don’t, or maybe he just prefers to ignore reality. It always brings me back to his fight with Diego Corrales, who served 14 months in prison for beating his pregnant wife. Mayweather said, back then ‘I want Diego because I’m doing it for all the battered women across America. Just like he beat that woman, I’m going to beat him.‘ About a decade later, and Mayweather has completely forgotten about his crusades for the women of America.

It’s funny how judges prefer to put the economic state of a gambling city ahead of pursuing justice and putting a convicted women beater behind bars, but I guess that just goes to show how important Mayweather is to a corrupt city and its economy.

And although it might be annoying to see two superstar boxers squabble over tens of millions of dollars when they’ve both earned so much during their careers, Mayweather is right by not wanting to split it with Manny, especially knowing that another money lovin’ individual, Bob Arum, is working behind the scenes.

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Mayweather offered Pacquiao $40 million, and nothing from the PPV. Mayweather usually takes all of the PPV money. Like he said, he’s looking out only for himself. He sees himself not only as the biggest draw in the boxing world, but also the biggest draw in all of sports, and highest paid athlete there is. When you sum it down per fight, Mayweather has got his calculations pretty straight. He’s usually like that with money, it seems.

Again, Mayweather keeps insisting he wants to fight Manny Pacquiao. I do believe he’s the better fighter and will beat Pacquiao in the ring, but I don’t believe Mayweather actually and honestly, with 100% of himself, wants to fight him. He cares about money, but he cares about retiring undefeated as well. He’s had no problem in the past with fighting while giving away the size advantage. He’ll probably be the lighter fighter when he fights Cotto, but being the quicker one always sits well with Mayweather.

While earlier in his career it was all about meeting every possible challenge, later in his career, when the big money started flowing, it became about picking the right fight, that’ll guarantee a win and big cash. I think he’s done it again with Cotto, who is probably the next biggest PPV draw after Pacquiao and Mayweather. There were riskier attractions out there, as Cotto, in my opinion and plenty of others, is far away from his best, but taking the safe route while cashing in is the right choice, although not the popular one, for Mayweather.