Floyd Mayweather – Planning Two Fights in 2013

While still remaining silent himself about his future plans, Floyd Mayweather is already sending out his advisers to spread the news: the king of boxing is back, not exactly in these words. It does mean that if everything goes according to plan, Mayweather is hoping to fight twice in 2013, with certain dates already in mind.

If everything does go according to plan, Mayweather will fight on May 4 and September 14, both Mexican holiday weekends, and both fights taking place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, where Mayweather has fought his past six fights.

But who will he fight is the real question. According to Leonard Ellerbe, one of Mayweather’s close advisers, the options are infinite, or as close to infinite as possible considering this is the world of boxing.

Floyd Mayweather has a plethora of options. Who doesn’t want to fight Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather and make the most money they ever made in their career? You hit the lottery once you’ve become a Floyd Mayweather opponent.

The number one option, at least when looking from the outside, is Manny Pacquiao. At least that is what everybody but Mayweather, according to a lot of people, want. According to 50 Cent, his once partner and close friend, Mayweather is doing everything in his power to avoid a fight with Pacquiao, for two reasons: He doesn’t really want to fight a man he hasn’t completely figured out, and he hates giving up so much money to his rival.

But there are other options on board. Any Mayweather fight is a lucrative deal for both men. With two fights in mind, and Mayweather moving between the Welterweight and Light Middleweight divisions at the moment, strangely allowed to hold title belts in both of them, there’s the option of using one night to set up the next one.

Robert Guerrero, the current WBC Welterweight champion, impressed many a few weeks ago with his win by points against Andre Berto, retaining his championship belt. If it’s going to be anyone from that weight class, besides Pacquiao, Guerrero looks like the best pick for a fight. He’s on the radar, a name that can be used to push the fight and sell it, but not someone to show invulnerability  Unlike Mayweather, Guerrero has a loss and a draw to his name, although both have happened over six years ago.

What’s the set up? Getting ready for a big fight with Canelo fot a Light Middleweight unification bout. Alvarez wants a piece of Mayweather, although quite a few people think it might be too soon for the undefeated Mexican, who beat Shane Mosley and Joselito Lopez in 2012.

To make Cinco De Mayweather (as the money team likes to call it) even more special, Alvarez will fight on the undercard (but no one will call it an undercard) prior to the Mayweather fight, setting up a huge unification bout between the WBC and the WBA Super light middleweight champions on September 14. Alvarez, at the age of 22, is already one of the biggest names in boxing and after 42 fights is still undefeated.

Another option, although remote, is fighting against Sergio Martinez, who said he’ll agree to drop to 154 and fight Mayweather, knowing what kind of payday that promises him. After fighting Julio Cesar Chavez, Martinez will be fighting in Argentina on April 27 against Martin Murray. After that? He’ll be 38 by then, knowing there’s not much left. Maybe he’ll get a shot at the fattest purse of all.