Floyd Mayweather, Still Arrogant But Much Less Confident

Mayweather vs Guerrero

While the Robert Guerrero fight is Floyd Mayweather making his official comeback to the world of boxing, there seems to be something different this time. Not just the fact that he’s fighting on Showtime instead of HBO, but also because he inserted a rematch clause into the contract, meaning there’s a little less confidence than before, although the hunger for money is always there.

And that what the next six fights of Mayweather’s career, possibly his last (turned 36 two months ago) six fights, are about. Making the most money possible off his deal with Showtime, hoping his streak of 1 million PPV buys, currently a four-fight streak with his Miguel Cotto victory being his personal best not including the De La Hoya fight, right before he was shipped off to prison.

One year later, and it’s not the first time Mayweather has returned to the ring after a very long absence. At the age when boxers enter a period which isn’t always too kind to their records, Mayweather would love to remain undefeated, but growing even richer is his main goal. And facing a fighter like Guerrero, who’s obviously a huge underdog but looks to be an actual threat to Mayweather’s perfection, calls for special¬†precautions.

For now, Mayweather isn’t going to bank as much money as he usually does from most fights on HBO. Maybe people aren’t as excited about his return as he thought they’d be. A big part of Mayweather’s appeal over the last few years has been the prospect of fighting Manny Pacquiao. Once that’s out the window, a little bit of his own popularity took a hit.

Maybe some people were turned off by his prison time. Not everyone likes someone who hits women, even though Mayweather is trying to spin out of the way of that one by trying to show Robert Guerrero for his past crimes. Anything to hide away from the fact that his own personal life is filled with ghosts and things most would love to shy away from.

But this is boxing, not a testing of character, and up until this point, Mayweather has proven he’s the best in the world in that. Yes, he hand picks his opponents to minimize the chances of a loss while maximizing the chances of a huge financial gain. He’s a businessman as much as he is an excellent, undefeated fighter, who wants to be rich as much as he wants to be undefeated. So far, he hasn’t made the wrong choice regarding an opponents. Maybe the greed of moving to Showtime and promising six fights when he thinks about retiring every few months hurt his opponents selection, and Guerrero will prove to be a little bit tougher than most of his recent fights.

Art via sloneart.com