Mayweather vs Pacquiao – Easy Fight for Floyd?

I guess Timothy Bradley forgot he actually lost the fight to Manny Pacquiao according to 98% of the people watching the fight, unlike the judges who somehow saw something very different. Because Bradley, probably looking for Pacquiao to choose him for his November fight, said that when Floyd Mayweather steps with Pac-Man in the ring, he’ll have an easy time dealing with him.

Far from the truth? At the current situation, assuming Mayweather gets enough time to train before he ever steps in the ring with Manny Pacquiao (April 2013?), the current WBC welterweight, WBA (super) light middleweight and WBC Diamond champion and going according to both men’s recent fights, Mayweather is the favorite.

Pacquiao just hasn’t shown over the last year with his fights against Juan Manuel Marquez (winning by a close call) and Timothy Bradley (losing by a close call which should have been overturned) that he has what it takes to preform at the highest level at the moment. Maybe his head is in a different place (religion, politics) or maybe his body just can’t put up the kind of performances we’ve gotten used to. In fact, Pacquiao hasn’t given us a convincing show in over two years to be honest.

Mayweather was never about convincing – not about knockouts and flashy displays of his attacking skills. Mayweather is out there to win by points, usually taking his time, 2 or 3 rounds before taking control of the fight with his supreme speed and legendary defending and counter punching abilities. He may not be at his best anymore, but he was impressive against Miguel Cotto, his last fight in May before starting his jail sentence.

Bradley simply wants Pacquiao to pick him. Bradley knows that Arum is tending towards Juan Manuel Marquez, another rematch (a third rematch actually) which means much more PPV buys and simply more money for everyone if it does come through. Bradley is a revenge fight for Pacquiao – proving he’s that much better than him and that he should have never lost his titles. However, his first fight with Bradley got less than 1 million PPV buys, and in a world which elevates financial achievements much more than it does title belts, Marquez seems like the more likely choice.

So what does Bradley do? Say he thinks Pacquiao has no chance whenever he steps in the ring with Mayweather. That’s a bit of attention back on himself, hoping to actually get the Pacquiao rematch and another huge, record payday for him, or maybe even get Mayweather interested, if the Pound-4-Pound number one fighter in the world actually wants to fight again, thinks Bradley is a lucrative enough opponent and figured out how to beat the man.