Floyd Mayweather – What Went Wrong With 50 Cent

Anything Floyd Mayweather does or says, even if he doesn’t have fight lineup up, makes more news than anything else in the boxing world. His business and social split with rapper-business man and friend 50 Cent, Curtis James Jackson III, has been the source of a lot of speculation and rumors in the last couple of months.

According to 50 Cent, who spoke to Power106 about the separation in what seemed like the strongest bromance in boxing, it’s about money. Or that was where it began. With Mayweather asking 50 Cent to take care of his promotions while he spent time in jail, but it turns out things weren’t exactly as they seemed.

He changed his mind. As he was going to jail, he asked me to help him with Mayweather promotion, but it turns out it is just a name. He’s a Golden Boy fighter, they do everything. There’s no Mayweather promotions to work with, so what he was actually saying is he wants me to make everything happen. The Paperwork, adding fighters to TMT promotions, investing it all with his own money.

When he got out of jail, he began to go on some sort of shopping spree, and I was thinking something like ‘When are you going to give me the money’, but I wasn’t trying to press him because he just got out of jail. I wasn’t pressuring him, but I was sitting there waiting to see when he was going to say he was going to give me the other half.

When the subject finally came up, he acted like he didn’t know anything about the situation, saying he didn’t ask me to do that.

An interesting thing that 50 Cent was about Mayweather’s twitter account and their whole twitter feud.

That’s not him. Floyd don’t tweet. He’s co dependent  Sometimes he tells the people around him to tweet, sometimes they tell him what to say. Every time he gets confused he says let’s call Al. He is who is, but he isn’t as rich as he seems to be.

50 Cent went on and said that there isn’t a real beef with Mayweather about money, but about family stuff. His suggestions regarding Mayweather’s way of running his financial business, or actually not running it in any kind of way, might hint that his problems aren’t with Floyd Mayweather himself, but with the people around Mayweather, who live off the highest paid athlete in the world. He also said that both he and Floyd have had physical altercations in the past.

Is it just about money or something else? Everything in this business, sports & entertainment, is about money. According to 50 Cent, he invested more than $2 million into the failed promotion before Mayweather backed out. Whether there was more tension beneath the surface, Mayweather changing his view on things while spending his jail time or maybe those surrounding him whispering certain things in his ear; it’s all possible. But you can’t get around the money thing, and even for rich people as 50 Cent (worth over $100 million) and Floyd Mayweather care about $2 million, especially when you’re the one who spent them and never got anything back in return.

What does seem weird from the whole thing is that 50 Cent hasn’t been hanging out with Mayweather for such a short time. Didn’t he know, at least have a slight idea about there not actually being any Mayweather promotions? He seemed to spend a lot of time around Mayweather, especially when fights were coming up. Was it all such a big shock? We’ll probably find out more, or at least hear more about the matter once Mayweather decided to spill his side of the story.