Floyd Mayweather Will Fight Amir Khan Because it Means More Money

Amir Khan, Floyd Mayweather

There’s still no decision on who Floyd Mayweather will fight on May 3, but if the choices for him are only Amir Khan or Marcos Maidana, there’s no doubt he’ll eventually pick the British boxer to be his next opponent.

It comes down to two things for Mayweahter before each fight he makes – what will be the most lucrative deal, combined with his chances of losing. Mayweather won’t get in the ring with someone he fears (if he’s actually afraid of anyone), which is pretty much 0 at this point. There is the Manny Pacquiao option, but if it will ever happen, it won’t be in 2014.

According to most sources, it’s down to Khan (28-3), currently the WBC Silver Light Welterweight titlist (which means pretty much nothing), coming off two consecutive wins against Carlos Molina and Julio Diaz; or Maidana (35-3). The Argentina has been busy since losing to Devon Alexander in early 2012, winning four consecutive fights against Jesús Soto Karass, Martin Ángel Martínez, Josesito López and Adrian Broner.

There’s a good chance that Maidana might actually pose a bigger problem for Mayweather. He has lost to Khan in the past (a very entertaining bout in 2010 which Khan won by a unanimous decision despite almost getting knocked out by Maidana), but his relentless and fearless style makes it seem to some that he could be the better option for Mayweather, who’ll fight at the 147 weight in any case.

Khan is a fun-to-watch fighter as well, with very quick hands and a long reach, but his soft chin and sometimes bad footwork make him an easy opponent for Mayweahter. Not that Floyd minds. He just wants to make as much money as possible while remaining undefeated. Aside from going up to face someone like Sergio Martinez which is risky, even at 154 which is something he’s comfortable with, Khan is the best option in terms of finances and his chances of gaining another easy victory.

Roger Mayweather: I think Amir Khan is a bigger fight. Not really, not really but he’s the only guy who really has a name where you could put it on Showtime. For the networks, you need to have a guy who could produce, in order to get the television viewers to watch it.

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