The Joke of Fining France for Standing Up to Haka

The Rugby World Cup in New Zealand seems like a distant memory now, over for four days and a bit now. Too bad we have to wait four more years, but there’s always Six Nations, Super Rugby and Tri Nations afterwards.

Looking back at the final, it seems the most memorable moment happened before the first kick was taken, of French players standing up to the All Blacks’ Haka and moving up close, accepting the challenge. Personally, I love it when teams do more than just stand around and let the All Blacks’ players do their thing. They maybe the biggest name and thing in this sport, but it doesn’t mean they’re sacred.

Great things happen when teams don’t just stand around. The atmosphere is ten folds better. There’s no doubt in my mind New Zealand player prefer it when they’re challenged. It gets your juices flowing, pumped up, and ready to hit some stuff. All in legal fashion of course. But the IRB decided to fine France £2,500 for their actions. A shame, and kind of a mockery, ruining something that’s good for the sport.

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